The session I had with Jeremiah was fantastic! I had been experiencing a lot of stress, sadness, and anxiety and wasn't sure how tapping would make a difference. The results yielded a great sense of internal balance that was missing, stress was gone and I actually felt very peaceful and grounded in a sense of well being!
-Anne Marie


I had been going through some tough times emotionally and was not really able to connect with anyone. Within one session we went through all the pain and heartbreak and all at once, I was free. that moment changed my life forever.


My health isn't generally great so I have to get regular MRI's.  The nurses know me & dread my appointments because I can't stand the MRI machine. I felt like I was dying inside... buried alive! I was a mess every time I went. After my session with Jerry, I went back to my regularly scheduled MRI appointment, but this time I was calm. I didn't have a panic attack and embarrass myself as usual. The nurses were shocked & asked me what happened.  I told them about my session with Jerry!

I have recommended Jeremiah to all my friends - he is so loving and thoughtful and calmly disappears the invisible barriers that held me hostage. There is no one else I would trust to get me through it...

I suffered with nightmares regularly.  Jerry offered to help and although I thought it was odd that anything can really change, I thought to try it. I figured a good night of rest is worth anything to me. I haven't really slept well because of it in a really long time..  He was really clear about what I would experience after our session. Although I didn't really understand, I understood the next day.  I had the same "nightmare" but it never scared me awake nor scare me at all! It was as if I was just watching a drama tv show.  I slept well and without fear.  Not sleeping well had taken a toll on my work life & relationships. Things are so much better all over now.. Thank you Jerry!



My reason for working with Jerry was for my phobia of cats... which he literally took away within one hour.

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